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At M J Warner we're as passionate about your vehicle as you are. From paint bubbles to full rebuilds we've undertaken many restoration projects over the years.

Call in with your requirements or email pictures of your project and we'll provide a free, no obligation estimate.

Whatever your vehicle and whatever the challenge, we really can put the pride back in your joy.

Restoration of a vehicle refers to the process of restoring a vehicle to its original condition. Neither updating or modifying are considered part of the restoration process. A restored car is one that has had all of its systems and or parts restored to original condition. Selectively restoring parts or systems is referred to as refurbishing. It does not qualify as restoration. Rebuilding an engine may restore that engine, but it does not restore the car, or entitle the car to be called a restoration.

Restoration of a vehicle’s exterior can take many forms. A vehicle that has been left or abandoned will often accumulate rust over time. Sometimes this rust deterioration can render an exterior part unusable. In which case a replacement part like a fender, front grill or door mirror much be purchased outright from an external source. If rust damage is minor however the part will undergo rust repair. This is the process of removing rust from metal and returning structural integrity. This is accomplished by removing the rust through sanding or blasting to get down to bare metal. Then new sheet metal or fiberglass is applied to the affected area. Finally the piece is worked until smooth, primed and re-painted

Our recent projects

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  • This 1964 Healey 3000 (Mk3 Phase 1) is one of the best examples you'll find. Although much loved by its owner it was being to show signs of cosmetic wear and tear. We were asked to repair some corrosion on both the front and rear wings. We stripped the bonnet to bare metal, repaired and reshaped it and refinished in 2K, the colour being matched perfectly by our paint manufacturer. A flat and hand glaze polish brought it to its current showroom condition.
  • This 1978 Alfa Sud came into us in need of a bit of love and attention, to say the least! The Repairs The offside 'B' post had rotted right through and with no parts available, we had no option but to produce a new section by hand. The offside 'A' post had had a previous poor repair which was causing distortion. Having carefully removed the windscreen we cut out the damaged section and manufactured a new pillar. We repaired and welded various other corroded areas and spent many hours rubbing down in preperation for the respray.
  • What the mice hadn't eaten, the metal worm had. This 1979 1303 certainly needed a little attention. The current owner imported it from California in 1996, having seen it on his travels as an airline pilot. Unfortunately his home garage storage solution was far from ideal and the local vermin took hold, damaging wiring and trims. As you can see from the pictures MJ Warner ARC undertook a complete strip down and rebuild of the Beetle to fully restore it back to its shiny self.
  • This 1964 Mk1 Escort had suffered some engine bay fire damage following a fuel pipe rupture. The bonnet was badly damaged and the engine bay hadn't suffered too well either. Having removed the engine we stripped back all the damaged metalwork to get back to bare metal. We then repaired, primed and painted the complete bay. The customer took the opportunity to have the engine overhauled while it was out, having new hoses, brass unions and the rear main oil seal replaced. The block was then painted and all the parts refitted.

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